This book shows various ways to run Cardano in Container Runtime Environments. It is part of a larger effort to Provide high quality multiarch docker image and k8s support for Cardano.

Whether you want ...

  • A plain Docker setup, which also runs on a Raspberry Pi

  • Everything in one script with Docker Compose

  • Advanced enterprise setup with Kubernetes

here you should find step-by-step instructions to get your nodes up and running.

While this has started in nessus-cardano as an external project, we are in the process of bringing this work upstream. You can track progress about this in GitHub issue [#2360]

The images that we use in this documentation run on x86_64 as well as on arm64 target platforms.

Additional to the Cardano Node itself, we also have this functionality covered ...

  • Automated topology updates

  • Graceful shutdown on stop

  • Monitoring with gLiveView

  • Leader Log Schedule