This book shows various ways to run Cardano in Container Runtime Environments. It is part of a larger effort to Provide high quality multiarch docker image and k8s support for Cardano.
Whether you want ...
    A plain Docker setup, which also runs on a Raspberry Pi
    Everything in one script with Docker Compose
    Advanced enterprise setup with Kubernetes​
here you should find step-by-step instructions to get your nodes up and running.
While this has started in nessus-cardano as an external project, we are in the process of bringing this work upstream. You can track progress about this in GitHub issue [#2360]
The images that we use in this documentation run on x86_64 as well as on arm64 target platforms.
Additional to the Cardano Node itself, we also have this functionality covered ...
    Automated topology updates
    Graceful shutdown on stop
    Monitoring with gLiveView
    Leader Log Schedule


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